Sunday, April 12, 2015

Remember Dakota Crescent :'(

The Remember Dakota Crescent Party was held to bid farewell to this small estate built in 1958 
by HDB's predecessor, Singapore Improvement Trust. 
These 17 blocks of low-rise flats have been untouched ever since then 
and the estate houses retro sand-pitted playgrounds, buildings, and the lovely Tian Kee & Co. Cafe etc. 
Sadly, it will be due for redevelopment by 2016, 
so hurry down there to savour the last bit of 1960s SG before it is gone!! 

Check out our stage space on the 2nd level of the building above Tian Kee & Co.! 

Old school charm.

At the front of Tian Kee & Co. Cafe was a shelf of retro books!
Who doesn't love Enid Blyton's?

Hanging before performance with the LionCityKia ShiggaShay!

With the boss of Tian Kee & Co. and the lovely ladies from the community dance club!

This has got to one of the most memorable performance singing along a HDB Corridor!! 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Dayang Solo Diving Trip!

So i decided to go for my first ever solo diving trip. 
It was kinda daunting, the thought of travelling with strangers, 
but they say it will never go wrong with a bunch of divers.. and they were right!! 

From strangers to friends, we hit off so well and had 4D3N of pure dive, sleep, eat, repeat fun! 
The best part about this trip was we had no internet connection and that really got us bonding!!

I've got my advanced diving license ohh yeahhh!!! 
And... i finally found a bunch of diving buddies to explore more of the deep blue with!!

 Selamat Datang Pulau Dayang!

A geographical representation of Dayang's location

"Be dive ready... always."
Says the little boy's face hehehe 

Day 1 of Diving Lezzzgooo!

We took a speedboat out to where our diving boat was at :)

Errbaday gearing up!

Let the selfie begin :)

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Cable Car Sky Dining

It was my first time dining in the sky. 
And of course i never would have imagine myself doing something as cheesy as this, 
but it turned out to be one of our most memorable meals dining in private up in the sky :)

We had a first class sunset view!

We opted for the 4 course meal which came with 
Welcome Champagne, Starter and Soup, a Main Course and finally Dessert.
To be honest, the meal wasn't good, but the ambience and my company made up for it :)

Starters - Apple smoked duck.

The cable car went for 3 rounds, each time serving a different course. 
So technically we were kinda rushing to finish our meal before the next round
which to me wasn't that great especially since i am a slow eater.

Malaysian Roadtrip to Kota Tinggi Waterfalls!!


I swear this was one of the most fun i've had with such a big group of crazy people!!!
We set off early in the morning for the inaugural CNY road trip 
to Ein's house and Chanel's Hometown - Kota Tinggi!

The whole bunch of us are singers/musicians and plus ones!
Armed with walkie talkies, we took to the roads, 
playing singing games on our walkies throughout the entire journey! 

After a few hours' drive, we reached Kota Tinggi, Chanel's hometown!

Here's Chanel's uncle chilling out in front of his Restoran/Mama shop!

Hoe Heng Mama Shop is owned by Chanel's parents as well
and they were very kind to offer us ice creams on the crazy hot day :D

Old school petrol kiosk

We sat around and performed a song for Chanel's uncle to thank them for their kind hospitality!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

It's official, I'm now part of MICappella!!

It's official,
i'm now part of Singapore's one and only vocal band, MICappella!

The group won a reality singing competition for acappella groups called the "The Sing-Off" in China and has since been making waves, touring around different China city states.
I've always been a friend of MICappella and i literally saw them grow from a leisure group,
to the mega sensation they are today!!
I've even supported them for many shows they've done in Singapore and have always been wildly entertained by their infectious energy during live performances, as well as crazy music arrangements!!

Of course, back then i never ever thought i would be part of them one day,
part of something bigger than myself.
The opportunity came late 2014 and it took me sometime to decide before taking this step.
It was a big step for me as i've always been a solo singer and all of a sudden,
a new path has been charted out, leading my career plans to a different turn.

I embraced it eventually,
and what came after was a series of crazy learning.
Our music is made up of pure vocals (no instruments),
so i had to learn vocal parts, singing and mimicking of instruments, choreography,
then came memorizing and plenty of rehearsing with the band.

Surprise welcome lunch at Eugene's crib!
So i went to Eugene's house thinking we were having practice, 
turned out they were all hatching a plan to surprise me and MingWei in joining MICappella!

Eugene's the baritone of the group and he's also a culinary expert (he used to be a chef).
You can imagine the feast we had, the Menu of the day - 
Pan Seared Scallop with Crab Bisque Sauce 
Lamb Rack with Bordelaise Sauce 
Egg roe, Sea urchin, Tuna belly & Egg Yolk on a spoon
Foie gras with balsamic and red-wine reduction & champagne grapes 

When the day arrived for my first performance,
i had to look completely calm and energetic all at the same time.
It was a crazy crazy 2 months but i loved it!

Debut live performance at ITE Simei! 

Debut Youtube Cover 
We woke up in the wee hours of morning (5am to be exact) 
for a sunrise youtube cover at Changi Beach! 

Check out our cover of Style by Taylor Swift :) 

I loved the challenge and i'm loving what's to come ahead more!!!
I've been performing on big stages with big names like David Tao on his world tour,
i cannot believe i'm finally going on tour as an artiste myself, with my band!

European domination begins Jan-Feb 2015,
and China tour in May 2015!!

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