Thursday, September 11, 2014

Moonlight Harmony with the Singapore Youth Chinese Orchestra @ Esplanade Waterfront!

It was my first time performing alongside a 40-musician strong Chinese Orchestra
on the eve of Mid-Autumn Festival at the Esplanade Waterfront stage beneath the full moon,
and it was a really refreshing experience!!

Much love and thanks goes out to my secondary school days Conductor Quek Ling Kiong!
I used to play the er hu way back and he had always been my favourite conductor!
Little did i know that i would meet him 10 years later,
not playing, but singing for his orchestras!

Pre-show rehearsal at the Singapore Concert Hall

Having a slice of mooncake before performance! 

A thousand calories for you?

Wefie with the string section! 

Thank you so much Guosheng for making the trip down to Esplanade Waterfront 
to help with the video and photo shoot :) 

More photos from the Official Photographer of SYCO

I performed 3 songs - 
Wen Rou De Ye, Cheng Li de Yue Guang and Dan Yuan Ren Chang Jiu :) 

Group shot with the SYCO!! 

It was also a heartwarming gathering with friends from NHCO!!
Great catching up with you guys!

 The surprise of the night has to be this bouquet of roses :) 
Thank you!! MUACKS!

I don't know how i got the energy but i went for a stroll at east coast park after the performance, 
doraemon lantern in hand :) 
It flashes multi-coloured lights and plays techno music at a switch of the button hahaa

How was your Mid-Autumn Festival? :D

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Army Half Marathon 2014!

And the earliest gig award goes to.... ARMY HALF MARATHON 2014!!
Soundcheck was at 7am, 
performance at 8am. 

For those who don't know me, 
i am a night animal. 
I usually sleep at earliest 2am. 
I'm usually grumpy in the morning, 
and i just CANNOT look good every single day when i used to work in the corporate world. 

I'm glad i still look like a decent human at 7am in the morning. 
I was aware that the massive amount of people behind me woke up at 3am, 
and ran a good half marathon from 4am to 7am in the morning. 
Yes i was slightly, ashamed, of myself. 

Gosh just look at the amount of people. 
That was possibly the biggest crowd i've played to, 
apart from on tour with David Tao. 

Try X All Of Me - A Mashup Cover by Kexin, Clarence & Serena

Sometimes i get weary,
from the battles i'm fighting outside and within.

Sometimes i feel lost,
while searching for my true self amidst what everyone wants me to me.

Sometimes i get weighed down,
by expectations of how i should act, look, walk, talk, sing etc.

But you know you've found that someone, 
when you don't have to try,
cos all of him loves all of you, 
all your curves and all your edges, 
all your perfect imperfections :) 

Guitarist and Arranger: Clarence Yeo 
Percussionist: Serena Chen 
Videographer, Editor and Venue Provider: Jaex from Ideally Yours 
Sound Post-Production: Christopher Ang from B Cube Entertainment 

I feel so much for this video because of the amazing arrangement, 
& the instant chemistry on set with these 2 wonderful musicians friends!

Believe it or not, this video cover was our first time working together. 
Serena and Clarence have never met before, 
we jammed an hour before shoot and that's when the magic happened. 

Special mention also goes out to Jaex from Ideally Yours.
He's a really passionate videographer (and a great one too!!) and has always been 
greatly supportive of local music.
He actually bought equipment just so that we can record youtube videos in his studio.
Ideally Yours specializes in Wedding Photography, Videography and Bridal gown rental
so if you like what you saw in my youtube video,
hop on over to his website and check it out!! 
You'll be amazed by his works! 

Lastly, huge love to Christopher from B Cube Entertainment. 
B Cube Entertainment is one of the best sound provider in Singapore in my opinion
and has been my favourite provider for all my live gigs!! 
And of course the man behind all the goodness is Chris <3 
My youtube videos have never sounded so good before, 
and i gotta give it to him for the live sound enhancements!!

I really cannot thank them enough for their support, time and effort in making 
such a simple Youtube Video work. 
And if the video has resonated with you as an audience,
do share the love and joy :) 


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hairvolution with J7Image

When it comes to hair colour, i've tried it all.
And i realize that the changing of my hair colour is part of my self-discovery journey, 
i was really finding who i really am and what i really want to be. 

When i was younger in my early 20s, 
i started singing at weddings and i always wanted to look older
because i felt young and i wanted to be taken seriously. 
So i kept my hair long and i had a natural wave.

When i first launched my EP, i decided to go for a fresh look
and snipped off my locks to a shorter length. 
The real transformation and experimentation with hair colour started when 
i started touring with David Tao!

Jeft from J7 Image is the master at hair colouring craft. 
It was fate that brought us together because i met him randomly over supper through a mutual friend!
We bonded over music because he used to sing as well..
One thing led to another, 
he became my hairstylist years later and i've never looked elsewhere! 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Montigo Nongsa Resort, where heaven could be so near :)

Montigo is the perfect place for a short getaway from Singapore. 
A mere 30mins ferry ride away, 
this is paradise. 

Map of Montigo Nongsa Resort 
It's a pretty small area with nothing much to explore. 
The watersports feature is not open for business yet, and Tigo bar is closed during the weekdays. 
Some villas are still under construction as they are build for ownership. 

Hillside facing Villa
Honestly, we spent both days just lazing by the pool and watching movies.
The erratic weather during this time of the year also made it difficult for us to step out of the villa. 
It was pouring one minute, and really sunny the next.
We ended up making full use of the comforts of our villa and spent most of our time indoors :D

Pool O glorious sea-facing pool!
The hill facing villa didn't have direct view of the sea as it was obstructed by villas in front.
But i wouldn't complain, it was perfect for me already!! 

Morning Stretch! 

Thank god for Nivea Body Intensive Moisture Serum
It came in really handy on this beach vacation! 
Read more about this awesome serum on my previous blogpost :)

The mansion of the villa also spans 3 storeys high, 
with a double bed room which we didn't even step into. 
And a really pretty masterbed room facing...

Sea at the tip of my toes :D 

Sunset on the rooftop 
Each villa also came with an open-air rooftop providing the most stunning sunset view!!

"Come quickly, I am tasting the Stars..."

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Nivea Body Intensive Moisture Serum

I sometimes wish that i have more sedentary hobbies, 
so that my skin wouldn't be exposed to the harmful UV rays..
I also wish i had cared a little more about body skincare
rather than just concentrating on facial care. 

After weighing my options, 
i've figured that life is too short to be spent on worrying!
Do what makes you happy and worry later!  

I love spending time at the sea, away from the hustle and bustle of life. 
It makes me feel calm :)

Koh Lipe Beach :) 
As much as i love to spend time under the sun, i know that it is definitely harmful in the long run :(
Applying sunscreens was my own defense against the harsh conditions...


Fortunately or unfortunately, 
my job requires me to look good! 
I've been told that i don't glow on screen or on stage due to the my dull body skin tone from all that harmful UV exposure. 
From then, i've tried different body moisturizers and post-sun emergency body skincare 
in hopes to salvage whatever is left of my youth haha

I have to confess that I've always been lazy and I also detest 
the sticky/greasy feeling that remains on my skin after applying body moisturizer. 
The Aftermath? 
Legs with visible cracked surface!!! 

Nivea Body Intensive Moisture Serum SPF 25 was heaven sent in my mailbox!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Youth Time 2014!

I am incredibly honoured to have met Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at the recent Youth Time 2014. 
This event was held at my beloved alumni, Anderson Junior College, 
the place where my love of music first blossomed. 

Youth Time is an annual event organized by the Yio Chu Kang Grassroots Organization, 
with the aim to bring the youths together for a fun-filled day of activities through carnivals and live band performances.
The event was also particularly meaningful because of the lively and interactive dialogue session with PM Lee! 
The by-invite-only session was a very cosy affair, 
with an auditorium of about a hundred youth from different backgrounds; students, young working adults, young grassroot leaders and young parents. 

I was so overwhelmed by the entire experience because not only did i perform, 
i was also awarded the Breakthrough in Arts Awards with some other outstanding youths, 
and given a chance to share my experience during the dialogue. 
I'm so deeply humbled by this rare opportunity to connect with youths with dreams!!

Achievement Unlocked!
Possibly my most epic selfie to date..

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