Monday, February 9, 2015

Samsung GALAXY Note 4 4G+ & The Samsung Gear S: A Review!

I'm going to be upfront about it,
I have always been an iPhone user and I've never thought I would make the switch to an Android phone. 
I thought it would be a daunting experience 
and I didn't want to go through all the hassle since i've settled for Apple already. 

But when the opportunity arose for me to experience the Samsung GALAXY Note 4, 
I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was for me to adapt and make the change! 
I'm now an Android convert, thanks to Samsung! 

The Samsung GALAXY Note 4 4G+ 

4G+ whuut?

Simply put, blazing fast LTE connectivity of up to 300Mbps.
That's twice the speed of LTE Cat 4 with fast browsing and speedy content download at 1/2 the time
plus Crystal clear voice calls!

Introducing some cool features of the GALAXY Note 4 4G+

First Quad HD SUPER AMOLED display

Looking at my screen is no longer a flat experience but one so immersive 
because of the brilliant colours and super sharp details. 
The trick?
An adaptive display that automatically optimises saturation/contrast levels for true to life colours!

Here are some photos taken straight with the GALAXY Note 4 4G+,
mind you these are all NON-FILTERED!!
I simply switched on the Real Time HDR function and that's when the magic happened!
Pictures alone speak a thousand words!

Selfie with the beautiful sister on her wedding day!

Also a selfie with my dad before our special performance item during my sis' wedding! 

Family Portraits! 
Taken during one of the most beautiful wedding dinners i've sung for at the SEA Aquarium!
(Psst, you can click here to read more about this amazing wedding!)
Isn't the photo quality amazing?

Food photography!
By the way, this Yakitori set lunch @ Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant was amazeballs!!!
It's located at Far East Plaza, go for it!!!!

Adorable pets!!
I found them swinging happily one fine morning while I was working out..
So cute i had to stop mid-crunch to play with them!!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Go beach, Krabi!

 Holiday Inn Resort, Ao Nang!
I thought this area was perfect because it was a quiet stretch conveniently located 
next to a family mart & opposite a beautiful beach, 
yet just a short 5 mins walk away from the busy stretch of eateries, bars and shops!

Chic Lobby design

We got a room with the pool at our doorsteps!

A quick dip in the pool before we headed out for dinner!

There were plenty of beachside pubs and restaurants opposite our resort, 
so i grabbed a thai iced milk tea and kicked back to nature's scene :)

Sun, Sand, Sea and Thai Iced Milk Tea,
best combination ever :D

We made all of tour bookings here, just a stone's throw away from the resort.
Best of all, it's located right in front of Family Mart!

Dinner @ Lae Lay Grill 
We were searching for a beach restaurant when it started to drizzle, 
out of desperation, we took to the nearest food signage and before we knew it, 
we were taking a shuttle bus to a Seafood grill located on top of a hill!

Lae Lay Grill was rated #10 on the TripAdvisor website but i thought it didn't deserve its credits.
The ambience of the restaurant was amazing, though the food didn't quite match up to its exterior :(  
I thought it would've been nicer if we were there for a sunset meal!

Papaya Salad

Andaman Seafood Platter 
Not so fantastic and honestly too pricey compared to the other restaurants in Ao Nang. 

Post-dinner stroll along the shopping street in Ao Nang.

Day 2, Island Hopping Tour! 

En route to Hong Island,
we stopped over at Paradise Island for snorkelling, lunch break and more camwhoring.

 Whee! Rope swing! 

The final stop was at Hong Island.
Honestly there were way too many tourists and i didn't quite like the crowdedness of it.
I have to admit though, the limestone cliffs were really beautiful! 

We had plenty of time there to make sure we capture the perfect shot. 
It was surprisingly easy to do so though with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4! 
I swear it took us just a few tries to get this shot :D

Mangrove Canoeing! 
Day 3, we decided to choose only one tour because i really didn't like the idea of elephant riding.

The starting point. 

Our tour guide was this free-spirited thai (as all tour guides) who led us out into the sea.
He claimed that by taking a different turn, 
we would have ended up in the open sea of the Andaman waters!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Why you should hold your Wedding @ the SEA Aquarium in Singapore.

So, I recently performed at the most beautiful wedding yet, 
within the comforts of one of the top tourist destination in Singapore - SEA Aquarium. 
Now, i know that the aquarium has been a popular choice for many corporate functions & company DnDs, 
but THIS Wedding, was a whole new underwater wonderland. 

Believe me, 
i perform for an average of at least one wedding per week, 
and this one exceeded all expectations. 

Anyone who has been to the SEA Aquarium will know that the last observatory, 
where the humongous aquarium for the Open Ocean Habitat stand, 
is the perfect ending to the aquarium tour, 
and probably worth the entrance fee by itself as an attraction. 

Imagine that space being transformed into a dining hall with
raining glitter, 
tiffany chairs, 
underwater-themed decorations, 
starfish and shellfish trinkets, 
all to set up for a backdrop of soaring manta-rays and squadrons of marine life frolicking in their natural habitat. 

No wonder my Facebook post of this photo garnered so many likes.

So here are some reasons why you should totally hold your wedding at the RWS SEA Aquarium, if you happen to be pretty rich. 

Screw flowers and half-hearted tea lights!
With a backdrop like this,
cake cutting and champagne pouring has never looked more magnificent. 

You are allowed to have ridiculously pretty table decor, 
like starfish centrepieces, and reflective lazy susans, 
and yet they will not look over the top. 

Tiffany Chairs look better in an aquarium than on a lawn.

And you get a sky full of stars, indoors.  

Imagine dining in front of fishes,
while having a nice piece of cod fish. 

Instagrammers be snapping' with glee.
Shots like these will probably garner a tonne of likes.
Photo Credit: ht_americanbeauty

 Meanwhile, on my own Instagram...
I just had to!

Photowhoring is allowed because every corner is a photo point! 

You can place a band at the top of the space to perform for your guests. 
You can even get to sing a song for them.
At least that was what the bride did, she did a special surprise performance for her hubby :)
And with the tiered ballroom, everyone was able to have a grand view of the bride singing.

You are free to roam around the other areas of the aquarium,
champagne glass in hand. 

You get to champagne-tease fishes. 

The stroll towards the ballroom will be lined with mini aquariums and different 
underwater habitat displays,
so much so that you would already have taken 13942309854 pictures 
before you even reach the final destination.
The build up to the climax is important, they say :)

The Wedding Band of the night -
Sparkle Live Music [L to R]
Melvin Wong on bass,
Matthew Siew on keys,
Kexin & Leon on Vocals,
Clarence Yeo on Guitar
& Nazreen on Percussions. 

A groupshot with the Bride and Groom and their families :) 

Vendor List 
Live Band Sparkle Live Music 
Wedding Planner The Wedding Atelier 
Floral Decor Fiore Dorato
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