Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Weekend Rendezvous with Lady Saigon [Day 1 - Cuchi Tunnel, Ben Thanh Market, War Remnants Museum, Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica, Saigon Central Post Office]

It was my first time flying off alone for a leisure trip.

I wouldn't say that it was spontaneous in a #yolo style,
and it wasn't really a solo trip also because i took the chance to visit one of my bestie from secondary school who is currently working there.
I wish I could romanticise it to say that it was a soul-searching trip,
but it was not.

It was really just a fantastic time spent catching up with a dear friend,
over a span of 2 short precious days.
We talked about the ephemeral nature of love and life,
learnt and discussed about the history of Vietnam at the Cu Chi Tunnel Tour and War Remnant Museum,
and had many heart-to-heart talks over rice-flour dishes and Vietnamese coffee.

Cu Chi Tunnel Tour

Day 1,
we set out early morning for a half-day tour hosted by The Sinh Tourist.

Upon getting the tickets from the office, we waited to set off on our tour bus.
The Cu Chi Tunnel is about 1.5 hrs away from District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City. 

The tour was pretty well-organized, 
with a Vietnamese guide who speaks Vietnamese English lol. 
We couldn't really understand him for he had a really thick accent, 
but he was very earnest in sharing the history of Cu Chi Tunnel and the Vietnam War. 

It took a little too much brain power for us to concentrate on what he was saying, 
so we spent majority of the time on the bus finding out about the war from google instead hurhur. 

In a nutshell, 
the Cu Chi Tunnel was a system of deep underground tunnels with connecting alleys and branches that spanned more than 250km long. 
It was a base for the Viet Congs (Vietnamese communists) and was used as a battle deployment ground during the resistance against the Americans.
These hiding grounds also became living spaces, containing food, medical supplies and even weapons.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

All aboard! A Yacht trip out to Lazarus Island :)

To celebrate our 10th Year Anniversary of friendship,
plus birthdays of 2 of my girls,
we hopped on a boat and sailed out to Lazarus Island,
like ballers on a Monday morning.

We booked the 4 hours slot from 9am to 1pm and set sail from Sentosa Cove on a Catamaran.

Bye Sentosa Cove...

Meet our Skipper for the day, June! 
He was awfully helpful and did all the dirty job of inflating our floats
and even saved those that drifted out to sea (more on this later). 


"When the boat rocks, rock with the boat." 
Says the uncool chick who was hanging onto her dear life when the boat hit choppy waters lol. 

Friday, July 31, 2015

Our Home, Singapore - A MICappella Mash-up!

When it comes to our favourite National Day songs,
there's no other contender than the piece written by Dick Lee - "Home". 
We decided to mash it up with SG50 Tribute Song "Our Singapore"... 
and there you go! 

Behind the Scenes! 

Top Deck @ Lepark SG!

Arab Street! 

While filming, an artist decided to surprise us with a sketch!

Rex Cinema! 

[Towards The Future] with the Singapore Chinese Orchestra!

Throughout my short years of singing experience as a solo singer, 
i've had the honour of playing with several orchestras, 
including the philharmonic winds & Singapore Youth Chinese Orchestra. 

It thrills me to no end being able to sing with something so majestic 
and indeed MICappella was very fortunate and honoured to be invited by the 
Singapore Chinese Orchestra for not one, but two performance collaborations!!!

All hail SG50 and Jubilee Year!! 
The conceptualization of our musical item with the SCO went back to months ago! 

Music-making, it's a serious business! 
We had several conference meetings to nail down the arrangements with Maestro Tsung Yeh. 

Aptly termed, the "MICaMedley"
which comprises of 4 popular Singaporean tune - 
Cheng Li De Yue Guang,
Xi Shui Chang Liu, 
Chi de Qi Ku
& Here We Go, MICappella Original Song. 

We had several private score-reading sessions with the Maestro himself
 before our rehearsal with the entire Orchestra. 

Rehearsal day @ Singapore Conference Hall! 

Concert Promotion - TV Interview with Channel 8 "Hello Singapore!"

Esplanade Concert Backstage - It's a wrap!!!
A group shot with our label management!!

"Celebrity Chow" with The New Paper!

This has got to be one of the most enjoyable interview i had thus far!
Probably because i was half drunk by the end of it...

We had a greaaat time sharing with The New Paper about our love for music and food over an amazing spread of Californian Asian dishes & drinks at Adrift by David Myers @ Marina Bay Sands!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

City of London Tour 26-27June 2015

It was an overseas tour that i will never forget. 
London took on a different meaning for me this time, and i'm so grateful towards the city for giving me perspective on what life can be.

I poured my innermost feelings to strangers i just met over Pimms, 
i rode a bicycle around town alone, 
i saw babies crying and tourists buying vanilla cones from the ice cream truck, 
i saw people relaxing and chatting over coffee by the pier, 
i sang to strangers who were having their lunchtime bites at the square and some eventually bought our albums, 
i sang at a church without microphones and watched as a mother held her kid in her arms and bobbed along to our tunes. 
I went to a sunday market with my dear bandmates and tried retail therapy. 
My senses were flooded with the sounds of busking musicians and sizzling food on pans, sight of colourful fruit cups and graffiti walls, quirky hipster londeners selling vintage/leather goods, and felt the warmth of the afternoon sunrays against the gentle summer breeze. 

We were lucky to have encountered days of blue skies during our visit in London and according to a friend, it only happens 2 weeks every year. 

Life goes on no matter what happens in the head. And i'm glad London taught me that. 
One of the greatest comfort i got was the band's support, and for that i am so so blessed to have MICappella's love. 
Thank you Juni, Mingwei, Peter, Eugene, Diana and Cal for having my back. 
You guys are such gems.

Rooftop Interview!

My boys!

Lunch Time performance at Paternoster Square! 
So proud to be bearing the Singapore flag :)

The good folks from NAC came to watch our performance! 

St Magnus the Martyr Church

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