Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The NEA Eco Music Challenge is Back!

As a singer,
i'm particularly sensitive to my emotions,
to thoughts that arise in my head in my everyday life.

Perhaps it is an occupational hazard?
I really do need to switch between different emotions whenever i perform.
I could be singing a super high energy positive number at one time,
and the next moment to do teary breakup song with full out emotions.
It is a roller-coaster ride i'm not kidding.

But i see this ability as a superpower that few possess.
It is our outlet to expression, a blessing in disguise.
We are able to convey our thoughts, spread positive messages.
We are able to turn our seemingly insignificant emotions into something bigger than ourselves,
and make an impact.
Music can create impact around us, and influence people to feel strongly for a cause.

Something that i really appreciate about Singapore is the beautiful flora and fauna and cleanliness in our surroundings.
With the thought in mind, the environment is an inspiration and topic that more musicians can write about, to raise awareness and make an impact on.
I'm hence happy to announce that the NEA Eco Music Challenge is back!
Now there is a way for singer-songwriters to help raise awareness of environmental issues,
through our songs!!

A Clean and Green World Begins with Your Song!! 

Don't you agree that it is important for us to not litter and waste natural resources?
This is a great platform where your song can inspire others to cherish and protect our beautiful environment. 

What is the Eco Music Challenge?

Launched in 2010, 
the Eco Music Challenge (EMC) is a National Environmental Song-writing Competition for passionate individuals to express their appreciation and support for our environment through music composition. 

The competition as well as the music composition serves to raise greater awareness of environmental issues and rally the public to play a part in caring for our environment by leading an environmentally friendly lifestyle

This year, the Top 12 finalists will...

1) Be Mentored by Music Professionals 

Danny Loong, Clement Chow, Ruth Ling & Jack Ho!

2) Perform LIVE at the EMC finals held at The Star Terrace on 13 Sep 2014!

2) Stand a chance to win attractive prizes! 

1st Prize $5,000
1st Runner up $3,000
2nd runner up $2,000
9 consolation prizes of $300 each 
Young Musician Award $300 
Most Popular Song Award $200 

What are you waiting for? Join NOW!  

Use your music to encourage Singapore residents to step forth to protect and sustain our clean and green environment! 
For all of you out there, don't forget to bin your trash and reduce, reuse and recycle! 
Let's cherish all that we have so that 50 years down the road, our garden city will be as beautiful as it is today :) 

Here's more information for all aspiring musicians and environmental advocates out there:
Campaign Launch Date: 16 June 2014 
Submission closes: 12pm, 8 August 2014 
Competition Finals: 13 September 2014 

Visit http://nea.ecomusic.sg to submit your audio/video entries now! 

Like them on their facebook to keep updated on the latest EMC happenings!  https://www.facebook.com/nea.ecomusic

Good Luck!! <3

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Wanderlust in Seoul, Korea! [Part II - Sights & Sounds]

Seoul - Everland | DMZ Tour | Street Shopping | 

We set out in the early morning at 8am for the hour ride shuttle to Everland.. 
Grabbed a roll of sushi for breakfast! 

Finally, an hour later we emerged at Everland!
Selfie-stick in hand, we began camwhoring.. 


We had absolutely no idea who those creatures were.
And we found them absolutely horrendous... but we took a picture with them anyway
cos that's what you're supposed to do at Theme Parks.

Aesop's Fables Town

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Wanderlust in Seoul, Korea! [Part 1: SEOUL DELICIOUS]

When in Korea... EAT!
I'm seriously not much of a foodie so pls don't trust my judgement.
These are also not my recommendations,
most of them were chanced upon while walking along the streets.. we didn't plan much!
But everything tasted (pardon my pun) SEOUL delicious to me!

The mains are like stars of the show.
Over-ordering is the norm, especially when 4 hungry girls are involved. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekend Roadtrip to Melaka!

Spontaenous roadtrip FTW!! 
It was my first roadtrip in Malaysia that is further away from JB 
and the jam was so bad it took us 6 hours to get to Melaka -_-

Roadtrip Snacks for the looong drive..
I almost forgot about Mamee Monster and the packet of seasoning powder!! 
So unhealthy it brings back nostalgic childhood memories hehe
I forgot what it's like not to care about what i eat.. Those were the days!

We pretty much got to Melaka at night and headed for Jonker Walk!
Tastefully tattered and torn LW Nyona Pineapple Tarts Sign :)

 World's largest pineapple tart!!!
Standing strong after 2 months! 
Let's see how long it will last before i turns sour.. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Go Beach, Bali!

What a action-packed short getaway in Bali!
We maxed out the full 3 days with midnight mountain trekking, sunset surfing, white water rafting,
poolside chilling, bar hopping and food hunting!!!
And that wouldn't have been possible without my girlfriends #travelbuddiesforlife!!!

My Bali Trip Highlights!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Wanderlust in Melbourne, Apr 2014!

When in Melbourne..
I love how i was able to embrace both city living and the great outdoors.

The highlights of my trip include - 
John Mayer Live Concert | The Great Ocean Road Drive | Sunset @ The Twelve Apostles | Wine tasting at Yarra Valley | Stargazing & watching Penguins at Philip Island | Enchanted Maze @ Mornington Peninsula | Geocaching at Arthurs Seat State Park | St Kilda Luna Park | Our awesome stay at the Airbnb accommodation |

The cherry on top of the icing got to be catching John Mayer live at Rod Laver Arena!!
I thought he would never come to Singapore, 
so i was ready to fly all the way to Bluesfest for him.
Until by some miraculous stroke of luck, 
a friend decided to give away his tickets cos he couldn't make it the concert in Melbourne!

I'm sooo blessed!! One off the bucket list!

John Mayer Live @ Rod Laver Arena

He is the reason why i took up guitar, 
and why i've been practicing the same songs "Who Says" & "Stop This Train" 
since Day 1 of guitar lesson. 
He was the reason why i flew to Melbourne this time!!! 

He came back with "Gravity" for encore which got errrbday screaming with joy.
Then the lights went out during his solo, 
and all 8,000 fans knew exactly what to do. 
The whole stadium was lit up with handphone lights :) 
It was a beautiful starlit canvas against the sweet guitar sounds of John Mayer. 
The ambience was PERFECTO!!!

Alright, John Mayer fans out there,
I've compiled some of the snippets of the performance here!!


Great Ocean Road & The Twelve Apostles

 They say the best set out time for The Twelve Apostles is in the wee hours of the morning at 6am.
All i can say is that we TRIED, but we ended up waking at 10am lol. 
Whatever pit stops i had planned all went down the drain.
We gobbled down some brekkie at our apartment and headed straight out!

Ready to set off!
We took turns to drive, and i must say it was soooo enjoyable driving along the GOR!!!
The speed limit was quite a pain in the ass though (limited at 100km/hr), 
but the scenery along the drive was absolutely stunning!!! 

Cafe-hunting in Melbourne, Apr 2014!

I was in Melbourne last year for a short 2 days, and i didn't think i would be back so soon..
But i did!
And this time it was for John Mayer Concert!!!

I've always wanted to catch him live ever since "Where The Light Is",
and i think i had one down from my bucket list this year!

There's so much to talk about for this trip,
but first, a trip to Melbourne is wasted without a pilgrimage to their cafes.
I was in coffee paradise!
Read about my other cafe finds in Melbourne last year here!

St Ali Coffee Roasters

12-18 Yarra Pl, South Melbourne | 7am-6pm daily | www.stali.com.au

St Ali is my favourite cafe because of its location, great food and great coffee. 
It's really a no brainer! 
Do a little search on Melbourne Cafes and St Ali comes up tops! 

My Mexican Cousin
Secret recipe corn fritters w poached eggs, 
grilled haloumi, rocket and tomato relish.

This is their mainstay on the menu and St Ali's most popular dish.
You can read more about it here!

Dr. Marty's Dreamtime 
Dr Marty's crumpets w buttermilk ricotta, wattle seed, native pepper & red gum honey 

It's my first time trying crumpets, we don't really see that in Singapore. 
Crumpets are pancakes cooked on a griddle, 
therefore they have a harder but spongy texture similar to pancakes. 
The nooks and crannies are there for a purpose - 
to absorb the melted butter and other delicious toppings!
I kinda like them!! 
Someone bring them into Singapore please! 

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